Bullets or seeds

Staring into the ripples

of my mirrored surrounding

Reflecting my lost memories

There I see my mother

Explaining why Democracy is the only way forward

Her voice echos through my ears

and sticks like a tack to wall

My father laughs and jokes

“Republicans aren’t worth the sense(cents) they were given.”

Though he refers to money,

his play on words are hidden.

Fight for the small, those that do without


They said that without a doubt

Now as I stand at this reflecting pool

Watching these shadows of my past

My family have all abandoned

the seeds they sowed at last

Propaganda wins it all

In the end we lose

Yelling screaming fighting one another

Is this the life we choose?

I am now 35

and still

I do not understand

I’d rather separate myself from others

Than have a loved one bite my hand




The list goes on and on.

The hate behind those words

They create demons with each strand.

Words are seeds if you so choose

Or bullets you sow inside those in which you speak

The Government is doing wrong

Not those of us with pen in our hands

But curse and cut if you please

that’s what they want you to do

Slice and dice each other

Make us less to chew

Curse me if you must

Because my opinion is skewed from your own

Hate me if you will

Because we see through difference lenses

Kaleidoscope of views

A different view from every angle

All are wrong and none of right

But gather your swords and daggers of hate

In the end, you words will be victorious

And the broken hearts – well –

It’ll be too late.


Cassie C Redfearn

Published by C. Redfearn

I have spent my life writing small blogs since adolescents and tucking them away in notebooks and binders - hiding it from the world. In my early twenties I began posting anonymously through blogger.com. My writing has transformed through time, emotions, changes and the ups and downs of life to what I feel can at times be a much deeper side of myself. I enjoy finding that empathetic piece within me that is able to relate with others on any plane and connect my soul with theirs. Writing is my way of putting what I am feeling into words, which can at times be hard to express. Hopefully, through this faucet of my inner self, some will be able to relate to me and my growth.

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