Be present in your feelings

I see some of you are hurting and I want you to know, you’re worth so much more. —————- You’re going to be afraid to love again.That hard exterior will grow around your heartAnd bitterness will become easy.You’ll cycle through the grief, anger,Possibly spiral into temporary desperation –Wishing they’d call;Wishing they’d say those wordsthat waterContinue reading “Be present in your feelings”

Choosing Bravery

Loving yourself isn’t always easyas a matter of factlooking through your own bullshitis difficult No one elsewill have to live with your thoughtsthe way you doNo one else will noticeall of those imperfectionsyou worry overstress overtry to fixTry to hideor just try to forget Loving your curveswhen magazinesand social media teach usthat thin is beautifulandContinue reading “Choosing Bravery”

Bullets or seeds

Staring into the ripples of my mirrored surrounding Reflecting my lost memories There I see my mother Explaining why Democracy is the only way forward Her voice echos through my ears and sticks like a tack to wall My father laughs and jokes “Republicans aren’t worth the sense(cents) they were given.” Though he refers toContinue reading “Bullets or seeds”