“Hello” Writing Prompt

Kentucky Governor Edwin P. Morrow signs the bill ratifying the Nineteenth Amendment (the “Susan B. Anthony Amendment”), giving women the right to vote, surrounded by members of the Kentucky Equal Rights Association, on January 6, 1920.

(Create a poem or short story that begins with “Hello”)

“Hello”, she stammered with every ounce of courage she could muster. Her lips trembled. The stares that silently echoed across the room created a deep and painful pit inside her stomach. After meticulously removing her gloves, she rang them tightly in her hands. The audience remained quiet, aside from the occasional toe tap from impatient men in the back of the room. Hazy smoke filled the room. Suddenly, Liz found it hard to breathe. “Alright then, let’s get this over with, shall we?”. Taking a deep breath, she began to address the Men’s Club about the concern’s of the Ladies Auxiliary. She held her chin high and made direct eye contact with cold, disappointing eyes that were glaring back at her. She expected to be taken seriously and refused to be intimidated.

Cassie Redfearn 05/11/2021

World Wide Divide

If people focused more on the connections with their loved ones than they did on politics, they would be a lot happier. It’s heartbreaking to know that people feel alienated from families because gatherings become political conquests. Love bonds become broken, and we become more divided every day. The divide has moved from politics, religion, race, culture, and right into family homes.

Our sense of belonging becomes less and less as we began to feel detached and so inevitably different from those we grew to know as our family. Those qualities of goodness that we learn as a child are now the opposite of what this world represents. The terms acceptance, love, and humble have been displaced with opposition, hate, and pride.

In the big scheme of things, in life, those things we have no control over are controlling us. Those connections that we do have control over, slip away.

Divide and conquer. That’s how one group destroys a larger group. That’s what has been happening. It’s up to decide if you let it happen to you.

What matters more in your life?

Reforming those learned frames of mind

Last week, a daily “broadcast” of my life’s cycle (shared below) brought a reoccurring thought to my mind. It’s a thought that frequently swims through the vast oceans of my mind without permission and yields its sometimes treacherous, rippling waves through those corners of memories that remain dormant until activated.

As I age, I realize the truth behind this. However, this is not my first realization that my childhood molded the very thoughts that were most detrimental to loving myself. Through my adolescents, teenage years, and even adulthood, despite my sexuality, I disagreed with gay marriage and even feared my gay-ness. Coming to terms with the knowledge that I would “go to hell” if I allowed myself to be who I felt I was inside left me devastated and unable to relate to those around me. My heart was cracked open. I became miserable, began self-harming and crying myself to sleep at night.

There were even times in my young adolescents and adult life that I very much thought the entire world, even my family, would be much better off if I ended their misery of having a gay daughter, niece, cousin, aunt, or sibling. With that knowledge, trying desperately to fit into the mold not meant for me left me feeling uncomfortable in my skin. Life felt impossible.

Thankfully, somehow, little by little, I’ve been able to grow and become closer to the version of myself – my true self – that I am meant to be. With any luck, that growth can continue.

Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge January 26, 2021

Prompt: Use “blizzard of thoughts” in a piece of poetry


He has lost his mind

In a blizzard of thoughts.

Now, there is struggle between

Doing what is good

Or to do what is right – for him.

When the lines are blurred

In his mind,

The reconstruction,



Did not happen over night.

It did not happen loudly

Or even with his permission.

It came to pass over time.

It came to pass through manipulation.

“Harmless” manipulation.

We become

That In which we are surrounded.



Daniel Grill/Getty Images/Tetra images RF

The power of words

Has unimaginable strength.

They may be

Spoken so soft

That they raise a heart

Or spoke so harsh

They burn a town

To the ground.

A word is used to construct a ruse

Or even to deconstruct a muse

It may not be fought

With fire



Or chains

⁃ only with thought.

Change 4 U

Writing prompt: (Let’s experiment with a poetry form today called TriCube Poetry. From Brewer, Here are the rules of tricubes:Each line contains three syllables.
Each stanza contains three lines.
Each poem contains three stanzas.
So we’re talking cubes in mathematical terms (to the third power). No rules for rhymes, meter, etc. Just three, three, and three. ). http://www.godoggocafe.com

“Have I changed enough for you now?”

“I heard you”

My Thoughts ring.

Voice silent.


Better now?

Stay quiet,

To please you.


Be myself,

You would say.

No, don’t be.


C. Redfearn


I am at peace


This state of mind

has finally found me.

My anxiety has no thoughts

And for once my mind is quiet.

I’ve grown so accustomed

To anticipation.

Waiting for the ball to drop.

Waiting to jump into action.




Oh there it is…no wait…



Shy Moon

She peeked into the sky as if she didn’t belong. Hiding her face during the day, only to appear at dusk, in all of her magnificent, unknowing beauty. Tip toeing into the horizon, she watches for the bright fire to dim his glow as he sinks in the sky. Compared to such a bright flame, her glow feels faded and remains unnoticed. Oh, but when that bright, hot flame takes his evening leave, she is able to bloom into her full strength, opening her eyes to the world again – lighting the way for those that prefer the darkness. People gaze in awe at her beauty while she sits silently in the Universe – unaware of the way we wish to graze her surface – know her thoughts or how we wait each day just to catch another glimpse of her smile. Still the shy moon falls each morning, chased away by the fire. She waits patiently, silently for her time to shine once again.

Dear Sister

Dear Sister
There will be times
That we won’t see eye to eye
As you know
I do love a good argument
But my love for you will never change

Our differences can be vast
They can cause tensions
Even quite a bit of emotion
But my love for you will never change

If I become upset
Rest assured
I have to say what is on my mind
There is more room out in the world
Than there is inside our my mind
But my love for you will never change

I will always be a stubborn one
But I will always be there to back you up
I will always be the kind that picks and teases
But I’ll be there for you when you want to give up

I know you may not agree with me
But there are two different lenses in which we see
Our views will vary
Our logics may not be the same
But please know, my love for you is not a game.

I’ll keep that light on
even if you decide to leave
When you grow cold or alone
Please know you can come to me
My love you for will never change
For you’re my sister
And my heart carries your name.

Cassie Redfearn


She healed my soul with threads of herself and left the longing of her beautiful lips as she pulled away the pain and replaced it with her love. 

She tucked it away into the dark corners inside of me and it lit a path to hope. 

Little did I know that when she unraveled, so would the threads in which she used to stitch my soul and the lantern she left to burn would be snuffed out. Leading me back into a darkness darker than before, void of sound unlike before and full of fearful dread.