Choosing Bravery

Loving yourself isn’t always easy
as a matter of fact
looking through your own bullshit
is difficult

No one else
will have to live with your thoughts
the way you do
No one else will notice
all of those imperfections
you worry over
stress over
try to fix
Try to hide
or just try to forget

Loving your curves
when magazines
and social media teach us
that thin is beautiful
and anything else
is a health hazard.
As if we don’t already know that
And eat that daily dread
With each bite of daily bread

We kick ourselves deeper
for every extra pound
we cannot shed
or dimple on our skin
that we cannot hide

Instead of loving ourselves
And having pride in the way
Our hips make our jeans tight
We squat to stretch them
We lay down to button them
Wear extra layers to hide them

Loving yourself isn’t easy
But it’s one of the bravest things you can do

Cassie Redfearn

Published by C. Redfearn

I have spent my life writing small blogs since adolescents and tucking them away in notebooks and binders - hiding it from the world. In my early twenties I began posting anonymously through My writing has transformed through time, emotions, changes and the ups and downs of life to what I feel can at times be a much deeper side of myself. I enjoy finding that empathetic piece within me that is able to relate with others on any plane and connect my soul with theirs. Writing is my way of putting what I am feeling into words, which can at times be hard to express. Hopefully, through this faucet of my inner self, some will be able to relate to me and my growth.

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