Generational curses

One generation will always bicker about the next.

One generation CREATED the next. One generation CREATED the habits of the next. One generation RAISED the next. The previous generation created the traumas that the next generation is reacting to.

When we start taking responsibility for our pieces on the board and stop blaming each other, we can be accountable and realize how to improve ourselves. So many people focus on everyone else but themselves.

If more people looked at the path they’re walking and stopped pointing fingers in the direction of others, we’d have a lot more goodness in this world.

Published by C. Redfearn

I have spent my life writing small blogs since adolescents and tucking them away in notebooks and binders - hiding it from the world. In my early twenties I began posting anonymously through My writing has transformed through time, emotions, changes and the ups and downs of life to what I feel can at times be a much deeper side of myself. I enjoy finding that empathetic piece within me that is able to relate with others on any plane and connect my soul with theirs. Writing is my way of putting what I am feeling into words, which can at times be hard to express. Hopefully, through this faucet of my inner self, some will be able to relate to me and my growth.

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