World Wide Divide

If people focused more on the connections with their loved ones than they did on politics, they would be a lot happier. It’s heartbreaking to know that people feel alienated from families because gatherings become political conquests. Love bonds become broken, and we become more divided every day. The divide has moved from politics, religion, race, culture, and right into family homes.

Our sense of belonging becomes less and less as we began to feel detached and so inevitably different from those we grew to know as our family. Those qualities of goodness that we learn as a child are now the opposite of what this world represents. The terms acceptance, love, and humble have been displaced with opposition, hate, and pride.

In the big scheme of things, in life, those things we have no control over are controlling us. Those connections that we do have control over, slip away.

Divide and conquer. That’s how one group destroys a larger group. That’s what has been happening. It’s up to decide if you let it happen to you.

What matters more in your life?

Published by C. Redfearn

I have spent my life writing small blogs since adolescents and tucking them away in notebooks and binders - hiding it from the world. In my early twenties I began posting anonymously through My writing has transformed through time, emotions, changes and the ups and downs of life to what I feel can at times be a much deeper side of myself. I enjoy finding that empathetic piece within me that is able to relate with others on any plane and connect my soul with theirs. Writing is my way of putting what I am feeling into words, which can at times be hard to express. Hopefully, through this faucet of my inner self, some will be able to relate to me and my growth.

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